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8-02-2013: Broadbandcareers commences training of 1st Momentum group
We are off. The first group of 15 learners have commenced training on our Airblown Fibre Optic Cable Network Installation and Maintenance Technician programme. Providing learners with the skills to be able to build a blown fibre tube network infrastructure. Pull and blow fibre optic cables into the network. Fusion splice fibre optic cables to joint them together. Test cables that have been installed. And finally complete the installation of fibre/copper into a domestic customer or business clients premises. Connecting up to terminal equipment such as broadband modems and voip equipment.

There has never been a more comprehensive training programme available, providing an individual with complete end to end skills to enable them to work almost anywhere on the build of a fibre based telecommunications projects. Usually an individual would have to complete several expensive courses on the differring subjects

If you would be interested in employing any of the learners who have completed this training please contact us and we can forward CV's

18-12-2012: Broadbandcareers to provide Training under Momentum programme
Broadbandcareers have been selected as one of 36 education and training providers from both the private and public sector to offer one of 62 individual MOMENTUM programmes across the Ireland. This initiative, MOMENTUM, will assist 6,500 long term unemployed jobseekers to gain in-demand skills and to access work in sectors of the economy where there are job opportunities. The programmes will include on-the job training in the form of work experience modules as well as the development of the workplace skills required to obtain and retain employment. Being selected to deliver one of the programmes recognises our commitment to providing the skills that are needed in the workplace and not meaningless theory earning a learner a certificate.

01-09-2012: Broadbandcareers Commences its own Fibre Installation work activities
For a long time Broadbandcareers have provided technical support and advice for companies with their installation projects. Because of our level of expertise we have in some cases had to intervene with some companies and complete works with them to prevent their project from failing.

We came to the conclusion that we are better placed and equipped than a lot of companies that would like to complete this sort of work activity. But are not prepared to properly train and equip their staff to enable them to do so.

We have now changed our consultancy activities to be a fully equipped and operational optic fibre cable installation activity. Choosing to take on installation works rather than try to support companies that are not prepared to train and equip their staff.

20-02-2012: Radius Systems, Sponsors our Training Courses
Who have been connecting the world with Telecoms, Microtube ducting systems and access chambers for many years has agreed to sponsor our FETAC Level 6 Air Blown Optic Fibre Installation, Maintenance and Commissioning course. Providing the parts materials and components that are to be used for training. We would like to thank Radius for this support which demonstrates their commitment to helping those within or interested in the industry to become skilled and qualified.

12-12-2011: Massive investment in fibre optic infrastructure announced for Scotland:
BT has announced its biggest ever "superfast" optic fibre broadband project in scotland.

It revealed plans to invest £2.5Bn in upgrading 34 exchange areas. The company said 277,000 homes and businesses would be covered by the project. The best of the new connections will allow internet downlaoad speeds of up to 300mbps. The regulator OFCOM calculated this year that the average connection speed in the ukl is 6.8mbps. Which compared with cable communication operators is pretty poor.

30-08-2011: Broadbandcareers discontinues associaton with AV Network Solutions:
Over the last few years Broadbandcareers has worked with av network solutions, joining forces to jointly deploy training under the labour market activation fund and other projects. Av Network solutions are now focusing on their installation based activities and will no longer play any part in the training activities of Broadbandcareers ltd.

June -2011: Broadbandcareers ltd has exlusively validated Fetac Fibre Optic cabling installation programmes:
We are please to announce that Broadbandcareers ltd has developed and had validated by FETAC, the following fibre optic based training programmes.

  • Optic Fibre Installation Techncian.
  • Air Blown Fibre optic cable installation, maintenance and Commissioning Technician.
  • Fibre Optic Maintenance and Commissioning Technician

This now confirms Broadbandcareers ltd as being the leading and exclusive provider of fibre optic based training programmes in Ireland. We are the only training provider in Ireland validated by any awarding body to provide properly accredited and certified training related to fibre optics No other provider in Ireland is able to offer awarding body accredited training.

14-04-2011: Scuttlebut:
Basically the tom tom drums are screaming come to Germany. A call has gone out to all fibre optic cablers and fibre splicing companies to provide resources for the major FTTH upgrades which are commencing. It is estimated that projects are to connect up one million homes. The rest of Europe could be bled dry of fibre optic cable splicers

14-04-2011: Fujitsu to build UK FTTH network: Article from Michael Carroll
Plans by Fujitsu to deploy high-speed fixed broadband infrastructure in the UK could revolutionize access in rural areas, a leading independent broadband expert claims.
Sebastien Lahtinen, co-founder of says Fujitsuís commitment to deploy FTTH to five million homes in the country will provide a viable alternative to incumbent BTís fiber network, and could result in rural areas leapfrogging urban sites in terms of deployments.

It is exactly what campaigners for the final third have been seeking, Lahtinen told TelecomAsia.

Fujitsuís plan, revealed yesterday, leverages a decision by regulator Ofcom to force BTís Openreach infrastructure business to open its ducts and poles to rival operators on fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory terms. ISPs Virgin Media and TalkTalk have already committed to access wholesale services on the network, which will be built on Cisco infrastructure.

The Japanese vendor believes its plan to bypass street cabinets and run fiber optic cable straight to the home will make itís network particularly well suited for rural areas that might otherwise be overlooked due to commercial concerns.

21-03-2011: Broadbandcareers recieves City & Guilds Training Centre Approval
Broadbandcareers is a recognised and highly regarded by business as a provider of meaningful accredited training across Europe.

We are pleased to announce that we have today received Centre approval to offer City & Guilds awards. And also qualification approval to provide the City & Guilds 2218 Level 2 Award in Digital Television Aerial Installation, the ONLY training provider in Ireland allowed to do so.

We have also received qualification approval to offer the City & Guilds 3667 Level 2 Award in Communications Cabling, The only provider in Ireland not dependant on a training partner from the UK to offer this award.

Recieving this approval demonstrates our commitment to provide real meaningful qualifications and training that enables the learner to actually be able to do the job when they leave us.

We will never train out of hotel rooms around the country bluffing the practical element of training to issue worthless paper to learners.

28-02-2011: Deutsche Telekom plans fibre-optic network expansion
Deutsche Telekom has confirmed plans to deploy FTTH connections to up to 160,000 households in ten cities in 2011. Selected districts of the cities of Braunschweig, Bruehl, Hanover, Hennigsdorf, Neu-Isenburg, Kornwestheim, Mettmann, Offenburg, Potsdam and Rastatt will be wired with fibre in 2011.

To meet increasing demand for bandwidth, Telekom is deploying a combination of technologies that matches fibre optics and copper lines with broadband wireless such as HSPA+, LTE and WLANs, to create a nationwide, broadband gigabit network. Pilot fibre projects were launched in Hennigsdorf and Braunschweig in 2010.

In addition, a pilot household in Dresden was wired with FTTH with speeds of up to 1 Gbps. VDSL is available in 50 German cities and more than 60 percent of households in Germany can surf at transmission speeds of 6-16 Mbps. In August 2010, Telekom added the first LTE mobile base station in Germany to its network, in Kyritz in Brandenburg.

In addition, in the past year the company boosted large parts of its HSPA/UMTS network to a top speed of 21 Mbps, while increasing coverage by over 10 percent, now reaching 83 percent of the population. Marketing of the matching data rates will begin in Q2 2011.

Telekom also plans to expand its HSPA network again, doubling bandwidth in the entire network to up to 42 Mbps by end-2011. New LTE mobile broadband technology will be provided to selected business customers in early-summer 2011 as part of friendly-user tests. In addition, the city of Cologne will receive near-total LTE coverage. In 2011, Telekom expects to sign 700-800 co-operative agreements with local authorities to expand DSL services into rural areas.

28-02-2011:Telekom Deutschland plans to deploy FTTH in 10 cities - CEO
Telekom Deutschland plans to connect the first household to its FTTH network during this year, according to CEO Niek Jan van Damme in an interview with Bild am Sonntag. At the same time cites Van Damme saying that 160,000 households will be connected to the FTTH network before the end of this year, focusing on 10 cities: Braunschweig, Bruehl, Hannover, Hennigsdorf, Neu-Isenburg, Kornwestheim, Mettmann, Offenburg, Potsdam and Rastatt.

Eircom has announced that Major communication upgrade works are to commence in Dublin and Wexford with customers being activated on their new fibre optic based network, early next year. Update your skills and be first for any new opportunities.

Broadbandcareers is a recognised and highly regarded by business as a provider of meaningful accredited training across Europe. We have expanded our training into Air blown fibre network system design. The design of an air blown network infrastructure is crucial, being able to discuss the design with the learners from any company, ensures an enhanced capability of any learner they may send to us.

Broadbandcareers is appointed the exclusive training partner to Emtelle for Ireland. Emtelle offers tremendous expertise and quality products in FTTX Solutions and have a proven track record in many diverse projects world wide. Been appointed the exclusive training partner for Ireland shows our dedication to innovation, excellent level of learner and company support and our high level of accreditation.

Broadbandcareers has its training quality management system approved by FETAC Allowing us to train a number of Telecommunications and security programmes where learners can earn internationally recognised awards.


FETAC: Quality Management System Approved by FETAC.

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