Courses 2015:
City & Guilds 3667-02 Units 101-102-103 Fibre Optic Communications Cabling (Only Practically focused Splicing & Jointing In Ireland)

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Our Mission

To develop building blocks that can lead to a better career for the participants of the training programmes that we deliver by:

Working with stakeholders, to develop, and deliver new communications and security technology based processes, systems, procedures. Including training programmes, which earn programme participants recognised awarding body qualifications.

Supporting the stakeholders of existing certified programmes. To review, update, modify and obtain the appropriate level of certification, for the requirements of communication and security based companies in the 21st Century.

Facilitating the recognition for prior learning of individuals already employed within the communications and security industry. Pass down years of practical workplace experience. By delivering existing accredited training programmes related to the communications and security industries.

Providing subject matter expertise to government and regulatory bodies on communications and security related issues and installation work tasks, processes, equipments and procedures. Aiding such bodies to make informed decisions, in their area’s of responsibility.

To develop further as an enterprising and successful organisation continuing to aspire to increasing training relevance and excellence based on self-critical review

Our Principles


Quality in the training we provide is based on our ability and commitment to identifying and meeting the needs and expectations of all our learners, no matter what their race, religion, colour or creed.

Improvement arising from regular monitoring of the training we provide, is at the heart of our quality assurance of the training we provide.

Our transparency will ensure that learners and trainers are aware of their roles and what they are entitled to expect ensuring that there is no misunderstanding.

Consistency and fiarness are key parts of any process of training delivery and course assessment. This assures our course participants, that we will evaluate their performance consistently, and fairly throughout.

The training we provide will be delivered and developed in context with our mission statement. Our belief is that contextual training based on how a technology is deployed, should be the basis of all theory. Our quality procedures will monitor this continually

We accept that we are responsible for continuing to maintain and improve the quality of the training and delivery we provide. We will achieve this with the use of a process of internal monitoring.

We guarantee access to all the diverse ranges of learners.

QQI (formerly fetac): Quality Management System approved by QQI (formerly fetac)

Reg No 903904 Approved Training Programmes and Trainers have been placed on the FAS/EI National Register of Trainers

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